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Lara Zirbes

Lara Zirbes, Quentin Renard, Joseph Dufey, Pham Khanh Tu, Hoang Nghia Duyet, Philippe Lebailly, Frédéric Francis & Éric Haubruge
Valorisation of a water hyacinth in vermicomposting using an epigeic earthworm Perionyx excavatus in Central Vietnam
Volume 15 (2011)numéro 1
Lara Zirbes, Philippe Thonart & Éric Haubruge
Microscale interactions between earthworms and microorganisms: a review
volume 16 (2012)numéro 1
Aboulkacem Lemtiri, Gilles Colinet, Taofic Alabi, Daniel Cluzeau, Lara Zirbes, Éric Haubruge & Frédéric Francis
Impacts of earthworms on soil components and dynamics. A review
Volume 18 (2014)Numéro 1

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