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Frank Delvigne

Angélique Delafosse, Frank Delvigne, Marie-Laure Collignon, Michel Crine, Philippe Thonart & Dominique Toye
Development of a compartment model based on CFD simulations for description of mixing in bioreactors
Volume 14 (2010)numéro spécial 2
Tambi Kar, Jacqueline Destain, Philippe Thonart & Frank Delvigne
Impact of scaled-down on dissolved oxygen fluctuations at different levels of the lipase synthesis pathway of Yarrowia lipolytica
Volume 14 (2010)numéro spécial 2
Annick Lejeune, Frank Delvigne & Philippe Thonart
Trehalose as a stress marker of the physiological impact of mixing on yeast production: scale-down reactors and mini-bioreactors investigations
Volume 14 (2010)numéro spécial 2
Tambi Kar, Frank Delvigne, Jacqueline Destain & Philippe Thonart
Dimensionnement et extrapolation des bioréacteurs sur base de paramètres physiologiques : cas de la production de lipase par Yarrowia lipolytica
Volume 15 (2011)numéro 4
Michel Musoni, Jacqueline Destain, Philippe Thonart, Jean-Baptiste Bahama & Frank Delvigne
Bioreactor design and implementation strategies for the cultivation of filamentous fungi and the production of fungal metabolites: from traditional methods to engineered systems
Volume 19 (2015)numéro 4
Malik Hamaidia, Pierre-Yves Barez, Alexandre Carpentier, Simon Lebecque, Krystian Miazek, Aman Paul, Sathya Neelature Sriramareddy, Bernard Staumont, Sabine Danthine, Magali Deleu, Michel Frederich, Edwin De Pauw, Pierre Delaplace, Frank Delvigne, Dorothée Goffin, Marc Ongena, Bernard Duysinx, Renaud Louis, Jean-Philippe Cosse & Luc Willems
From Valeriana officinalis to cancer therapy: the success of a bio-sourced compound
Volume 20 (2016)Numéro spécial 1 : AgricultureIsLife

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