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Pascal Veys

Olivier Fumière, Pascal Veys, Ana Boix, Christoph von Holst, Vincent Baeten & Gilbert Berben
Methods of detection, species identification and quantification of processed animal proteins in feedingstuffs
volume 13 (2009)numéro spécial
Leo van Raamsdonk, Luciano Pinotti, Pascal Veys, Monique Bremer, Wilma Hekman, Anniek Kemmers, Anna Campagnoli, Claudia Paltanin, Camino Belinchón Crespo, Jef Vliege, Victor Pinckaers & Jan Sten Jørgensen
New developments in classical microscopy; what can be expected for the official control?
Volume 15 (2011)numéro spécial 1
Camino Belinchón Crespo, Pascal Veys, Philippe Vermeulen & Vincent Baeten
Definition of key parameters for constructing an online reference micrographs collection of processed animal particles in feed
volume 16 (2012)numéro 4
Marie-Caroline Lecrenier, Aline Marien, Gilbert Berben, Olivier Fumière, Pascal Veys & Vincent Baeten
Survey of animal by-products in feedingstuffs before the reintroduction of processed animal proteins in aquafeed
Volume 23 (2019)Numéro 4

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