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Vittorio Dell’Orto

Federica Cheli, Anna Campagnoli, Luciano Pinotti, Giovanni Savoini & Vittorio Dell’Orto
Electronic nose for determination of aflatoxins in maize
volume 13 (2009)numéro spécial
Luciano Pinotti & Vittorio Dell’Orto
Feed safety in the feed supply chain
Volume 15 (2011)numéro spécial 1
Andrea Fanelli, Alessandro Agazzi, Giovanni Loris Alborali, Adriano Pilotto, Valentino Bontempo, Vittorio Dell’Orto, Vanessa Demey, Jessica Michela Caputo & Giovanni Savoini
Prevalence reduction of pathogens in poultry fed with Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Volume 19 (2015)Numéro 1
Luciano Pinotti, Anna Campagnoli, Gianluca Tognon, Federica Cheli, Vittorio Dell’Orto & Giovanni Savoini
Microscopic method in processed animal proteins identification in feed: applications of image analysis
Volume 8 (2004)Numéro 4
Anna Campagnoli, Luciano Pinotti, Gianluca Tognon, Federica Cheli, Antonella Baldi & Vittorio Dell’Orto
Potential application of electronic nose in processed animal proteins (PAP) detection in feedstuffs
Volume 8 (2004)Numéro 4

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