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Lujia Han

Lujia Han, Xian Liu, Rongguang Zhu & Zengling Yang
Quantification of MBM adulteration in compound fertilizers and composts by NIRS
volume 13 (2009)numéro spécial
Juan Antonio Fernández Pierna, Ana Boix Sanfeliu, Boleslaw Slowikowski, Christoph von Holst, Oliver Maute, Lujia Han, Giuseppina Amato, Begoña de la Roza Delgado, Dolores Perez Marin, Gillian Lilley, Pierre Dardenne & Vincent Baeten
Standardization of NIR microscopy spectra obtained from inter-laboratory studies by using a standardization cell
Volume 17 (2013)numéro 4
Qiankun Pu, Lujia Han & Xian Liu
Discrimination of different processed animal proteins (PAPs) by FT-IR spectroscopy based on their fat characteristics
Volume 18 (2014)Numéro 3
Mengyan Wang, Lujia Han, Zengling Yang & Xian Liu
Species discrimination of terrestrial processed animal proteins by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) based on elemental characteristics
Volume 23 (2019)Numéro 3

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