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Allah Antoine Assamoi

Allah Antoine Assamoi, Franck Delvigne, Jean-Marc Aldric, Jacqueline Destain & Philippe Thonart
Improvement of xylanase production by Penicillium canescens 10-10c in solid-state fermentation
volume 12 (2008)numéro 2
Allah Antoine Assamoi, Jacqueline Destain & Philippe Thonart
Aspects microbiologiques de la production par fermentation solide des endo-β-1,4-xylanases de moisissures : le cas de Penicillium canescens
volume 13 (2009)numéro 2
Allah Antoine Assamoi, Ekoua Regina Krabi, Ayawovi Fafadzi Ehon, Georges Amani N’guessan, Lamine Sébastien Niamké & Philippe Thonart
Isolation and screening of Weissella strains for their potential use as starter during attiéké production
Volume 20 (2016)Numéro 3

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