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soil chemicophysical properties

Jean T. Gonnety, Embi F. L. Assémien, Arnauth M. Guéi, Aya A. N’Dri, Yves Djina, Armand W. Koné & Jérôme E. Tondoh
Effect of land-use types on soil enzymatic activities and chemical properties in semi-deciduous forest areas of Central-West Côte d’Ivoire
volume 16 (2012)numéro 4
Guadalupe M. Dejarme-Calalang & Gilles Colinet
A review of soils and crops in the Bukidnon Highlands of Northern Mindanao, the Philippines
Volume 18 (2014)numéro 4
Sylvain Boisson, Soizig Le Stradic, Morgane Commans, Amandine Dumont, Natasha Leclerc, Cynthia Thomas & Grégory Mahy
Copper tolerance of three Crotalaria species from southeastern D.R. Congo at the early development stage
Volume 20 (2016)Numéro 2

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