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Daniel Portetelle

Christelle Boudry, Jean-Paul Dehoux, Daniel Portetelle & André Buldgen
Bovine colostrum as a natural growth promoter for newly weaned piglets: a review
volume 12 (2008)numéro 2
Raja Chalghoumi, Yves Beckers, Daniel Portetelle & André Théwis
Hen egg yolk antibodies (IgY), production and use for passive immunization against bacterial enteric infections in chicken: a review
volume 13 (2009)numéro 2
Christopher Marcq, André Théwis, Daniel Portetelle & Yves Beckers
Refinement of the production of antigen-specific hen egg yolk antibodies (IgY) intended for passive dietary immunization in animals. A review
Volume 17 (2013)numéro 3
Cédric Tarayre, Julien Bauwens, Catherine Brasseur, Christel Mattéotti, Jacqueline Destain, Micheline Vandenbol, Daniel Portetelle, Edwin De Pauw, Éric Haubruge, Frédéric Francis & Philippe Thonart
Isolation of an amylolytic chrysophyte, Poterioochromonas sp., from the digestive tract of the termite Reticulitermes santonensis
Volume 18 (2014)Numéro 1
Aurore Stroobants, Renée Martin, Lyse Roosens, Daniel Portetelle & Micheline Vandenbol
New lipolytic enzymes identified by screening two metagenomic libraries derived from the soil of a winter wheat field
Volume 19 (2015)Numéro 2
Daniel Portetelle, Valérie Haezebroeck, Frédéric Mortiaux & Robert Renaville
Traçabilité dans la filière animale
Volume 4 (2000)Numéro 4
Mohamed Hammadi, Touhami Khorchani, Gley Khaldi, Abdessalem Majdoub, Hédi Abdouli, Naceur Slimane, Daniel Portetelle & Robert Renaville
Effect of diet supplementation on growth and reproduction in camels under arid range conditions
Volume 5 (2001)Numéro 2
Maria Messina, Alberto Prandi, Gianfranco Bolelli, Daniele Gerin, Daniel Portetelle & Robert Renaville
Evaluation of the effect of two training regimes on the resumption of the ovarian activity by analysis of faecal 20alpha-hydroxyprogesterone in trotter mares
Volume 2 (1998)Numéro 3

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