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Antelmo Ralph Falqueto

João Paulo Rodrigues Martins, Luiz Carlos de Almeida Rodrigues, Priscila da Conceição de Souza Braga, Antelmo Ralph Falqueto & Andreia Barcelos Passos Lima Gontijo
Impacts of copper on photosynthetic pigments and anatomy of Alcantarea imperialis (Bromeliaceae) under in vitro conditions
Volume 26 (2022)Numéro 2
Priscila Conceição Souza Braga, João Paulo Rodrigues Martins, Robson Bonomo & Antelmo Ralph Falqueto
Physiological and anatomical responses of Crambe abyssinica to repeated exposure to water deficit
Volume 26 (2022)Numéro 2

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