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Harald Bugmann

The Swiss carbon balance: methods, state of reporting and research perspectives

(Volume 4 (2000) — Numéro 4)
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For the 1990–1998 period, Switzerland reported an annual sink strength of Swiss forests of 4500–6000 Gg CO2. In its latest submission in 2000, newly available national forest inventory (NFI) data were used to refine earlier estimates. The same NFI data can also be used to provide extrapolations for the near future. No carbon sequestration values have been reported to date for forest soils. The Swiss government will provide funding for a number of research activities under the umbrella of COST E21, ranging from modeling studies of carbon storage in Swiss forests to an evaluation of joint implementation methods. These projects are described briefly.

Keywords : carbon balance, forest inventory data, modeling, net carbon sink, Swiss forests, Switzerland

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