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R. Renaville

Third Belgian Workshop on Animal Endocrinology Namur (Belgium), October 2001

(Volume 6 (2002) — Numéro 1)
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The third Belgian Workshop on Animal Endocrinology has been held in the University of Namur, FUNDP, in October 2001. The special topics of the workshop has been focused on reproduction. Optimizing reproductive performance in breeding populations of economically important animals, including aquaculture species, is of major importance for more efficient animal production. In species managed for the production of food, suppression of reproductive cycles, sterilization or production of monosex populations may be desirable. New knowledge is needed to facilitate implementation of optimum integrated animal production systems that will contribute to sustainability of the animal production unit. This information will control or reduce animal production costs, provide product cost benefits to consumers, and may ultimately lead to increased productivity from fewer animals, thereby conserving natural resources and enhancing the environment. Research techniques developed to foster and manage animal reproductive phenomena are key to future application of biotechnologies. In the past decade, there have been many impressive advances in a number of scientific disciplines that have led to the discovery and development of exciting new approaches that offer the potential to improve reproduction efficiency of animal farming. The objective of this workshop has been to present some of these new developments.

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