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agriculture de précision

Andriamasinoro Lalaina Herinaina Andriamandroso*, Jérôme Bindelle*, Benoît Mercatoris & Frédéric Lebeau
A review on the use of sensors to monitor cattle jaw movements and behavior when grazing
Volume 20 (2016)Numéro spécial 1 : AgricultureIsLife
Nathalie Hostiou, Jocelyn Fagon, Sophie Chauvat, Amélie Turlot, Florence Kling-Eveillard, Xavier Boivin & Clément Allain
Impact of precision livestock farming on work and human-animal interactions on dairy farms. A review
Volume 21 (2017)Numéro 4
Benoît Stalport, Pierre Raulier, Mohamed Haïssam Jijakli & Frédéric Lebeau
Modeling aquaponics: a review on available models and simulation tools
Volume 26 (2022)Numéro 3
Juan Antonio Fernández Pierna, Philippe Vermeulen, Nicolas Chamberland, Virginie Decruyenaere, Eric Froidmont, Olivier Minet, Bernard Lecler & Vincent Baeten
Performance of three handheld NIR spectrometers for predicting grass silage quality
Volume 26 (2022)Special issue : 150 years of CRA-W
Caroline Battheu-Noirfalise, Eric Froidmont, Michaël Mathot & Didier Stilmant
Decision support tools for grass-based fodder management on Walloon dairy farms: current adoption and perspectives
Volume 26 (2022)Special issue : 150 years of CRA-W

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