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bacteriological analysis

Rosette Kabwang a Mpalang, Mireille Kakubu a Mpalang, Clarence Mukeng Kaut, Raphaël Boreux, Pierrette Melin, Faustin Khang'mate Akir Ni Bitiang, Georges Daube & Patrick De Mol
Bacteriological assessment of smoked game meat in Lubumbashi, D.R.C.
Volume 17 (2013)numéro 3
Elise N’Guessan, Thérèse Godrie, Juliette de Laubier, Sybille Di Tanna, Mélanie Ringuet & Marianne Sindic
A survey of bacteria found in Belgian dairy farm products
Volume 19 (2015)numéro 4
Amaury Gérard, Naomi Barbosa, Sybille Di Tanna & Marianne Sindic
What are the potential sources of on-farm contamination of raw milk butter with Escherichia coli?
Volume 26 (2022)Numéro 1

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