Geologica Belgica

1374-8505 2034-1954


Facteur d'impact : 1.8 (2022)

Frédéric COLLIN

Simon DELVOIE, Frédéric BOULVAIN, Robert CHARLIER & Frédéric COLLIN
Detailed characterization of the Late Pleistocene loess sequence stratigraphy of Remicourt (Hesbaye region, Belgium) with cone penetration tests
Volume 19 (2016)number 3-4
Lavie A. MANGO-ITULAMYA, Frédéric COLLIN, Pascal PILATE, Fabienne COURTEJOIE & Nathalie FAGEL
Evaluation of Belgian clays for manufacturing compressed earth blocks
Volume 22 (2019)number 3-4

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