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Guide to Authors

When submitting a manuscript the authors confirm that it is novel and not being introduced at other journals. The first author should be a member of Geologica Belgica (the society). The journal hasn't APCs and article submission charges.

Instructions to authors: for your manuscript, imitate scrupulously the following layout but do not try to reproduce the journal layout. Use the style "normal" throughout the whole paper. When submitting a paper in English, use either American or British English. Please note that an English abstract, English figure captions and English table and plate titles are required, also for papers that are not written in English.

Manuscripts must be addressed (by mail or e-mail) to the executive editor:

Dr Annick ANCEAU

University of Liege

Dep. ARGENCO / Gemme – GEO3

Quartier Polytech 1
Allee de la decouverte, 9 - Bat. B 52/3

B-4000 Liege 1


Title (low case and bold)

Jacques S. DUPONT1, Karl T. BRUG2 & Richard F. BRIDGE3

1Address #1.

2Address #2.

3Address #3.

Insert a running title (< ca. 70 characters, blank spaces included)

ABSTRACT. Not more than 200 words (± 15 lines). Do not repeat information contained in the title. The abstract, together with the title, must be self-contained as it is published separately from the paper in abstracting services such as Web of Science or Scopus. Omit all references to the literature and to tables or figures, and omit obscure abbreviations and acronyms even though they may be defined in main body of the paper.

KEYWORDS: Not more than 8 words. Do not repeat words already present in the title.

1. First order headings (in bold)

Do not imitate the layout of the journal, but the layout of these instructions only. Use the same font and the same STYLE (normal) throughout the manuscript. Align only flush left. Do not leave a free line to separate the paragraphs, but DO indent the first line of a new paragraph, except for the first paragraph of a section. The text should be double spaced and the size of the characters at least 12. The line numbers should be added.

Numerical system is requested: 1., 1.1., 1.1.1., 1.1.2., 1.2., 1.3., etc. but do NOT use "numbering" or "bullets".

Footnotes are not accepted in the text. If notes are absolutely necessary, they should be grouped in a section before the references and numbered from (1) to (x) both in the text and in the section.

1.1. Second order headings (in bold and italics)

1.1.1. Third order headings (normal)

Besides the 3rd order headings, use:

a) ...

b) ...

c) ...

2. Cross references

In the text, cross references are as follows:

a) to reference list, citations are as follows: write "the results of Lebeau (1982) are questionable (Dupont, 1973a, 1973b; Dupont & Durand, 1975)"; if more than two authors (Dupont et al., 1978a); for comparison (see Servais, 1994; cf. Servais, 1993; e.g. Servais, 1990, fig. 3).

b) to other sections of the text, write "(see 2.3.1)", but not "(see p.8)".

c) to artworks write "as represented in Figure 7, Table 2 and elsewhere (Fig. 1; Fig. 2B; Fig. 2A-B; Figs 2 & 3D; Table 4; Plate 1A)".

3. Measurements

Measurements are written: 1 to 9999 (no comma); from 10,000 (comma); 2.1 mm; 5 µm; 6.84 kg; 27%; 25,000 a BP (conventional 14C age); 17,000 a cal BP (calibrated 14C age); 60 ka (thousand years) for non 14C-ages; 5.2 Ma.

4. Compass points

The four basic nouns are written in full; they are capitalized only when designating the compass point: the North, the East, the South, the West (but: south Belgium, west Netherlands). Complex nouns are abbreviated and capitalized: NE, NW-SE, NNE-SSW, ... Adjectives are not capitalized: southern regions, ...

5. Stratigraphy

Adhere to the international rules for stratigraphic nomenclature. Capitalize a common noun or adjective that is part of a formal name: Matagne Shales, Diest Formation, Brabant Massif, Middle Ordovician, Lower Cretaceous, ... Informal designations are not capitalized: upper Paleozoic, late Cenomanian, ...

6. Palaeontology

Adhere to the international codes for botanical or zoological nomenclature. Systematic work is always introduced by the 1st order heading "Systematic Paleontology".

For taxonomic papers, the following layout is adopted:

- Sub-order...

- Superfamily: ...

- Family Loxochoncidae Sars, 1925

- Genus Touroconcha Ishizaki & Gunther, 1976; Touroconcha lapidiscola (Hartmann, 1959) (pl. 1, figs 1-6; pl. 2, fig. 3)

- Synonymies 1959 Loxoconcha lapidiscola Hartmann, p. 223, pl. 41, figs 128-129, pl. 42, figs. 131-133.

1974 Loxoconcha ? lapidiscola Hartmann; Swain & Gilby, p. 324, fig. 24, pl. 5, fig. 9A-B.

pp. 1965 Loxoconcha lapidiscola Hartmann 1923; Swain, p. 32, fig. 1.

non 1965 Loxoconcha lapidiscola Hartmann 1923; Swain, p. 32, fig. 1.

? 1965 Loxoconcha lapidiscola Hartmann 1923; Swain, p. 32, fig. 1.

Genus Chelinospora Allen 1965

Chelinospora (Archaeozonotriletes) timanica(Naumova) comb. nov. (pl. 2, figs 8-9).

Basionyme: (Archaeozonotriletes) timanicus Naumova 1953, p. 81, pl. 12, fig. 4.

7. Powder X-ray diffraction data

Follow the procedure given in Acta Crystallographica A39, 174-186, Annexe III.

8. Submission

A pdf file including text and figures should be submitted by e-mail (

Alternatively, three printed copies may be submitted to the editor together with the address of the corresponding author (fax, e-mail). Original artworks are not necessary for the submission of the manuscript.

The authors are requested to give the names and addresses of four possible unbiased reviewers, at least one of them being chosen outside Belgium.

9. Final version

9.1. Text

Send all files (text, artworks, tables) by mail or on a CD to the editor. Each artwork as a separate file.

The requested software is Word and .doc or .docx format, or LibreOffice and .odt format. Use the TIMES 12 throughout the text including titles.

Use the same file for text, references and artwork captions; these should not be included in the text or merged with the figures, but put together at the end of the manuscript and presented as follows:

Figure 1. Caption

Table 1. Title ...

Plate 1. Title ...

9.2. Original artworks

Please note that the final size of a paper in pdf format must permit easy dissemination by e-mail. Thus the number and size of figures and plates must be reasonable.

No original artwork should be larger than a page (17 x 22.5 cm), 1.5 column (12.7 x 22.5 cm) or a column (8.2 x 22.5 cm). No lettering should be smaller than 1 mm at journal format. Artworks or touch-ups are executed neatly in black China ink or equivalent quality (e.g. laser printer); do not use heavy plots; avoid grey-tones. Figures in colour are accepted. Please save space as much as possible and don’t frame the artworks.

Figures should be in PNG, TIFF or JPEG (in this case be cautious to the compression ratio) at 600 dpi. PDF format is also accepted at the same resolution. All elements of a figure must be "grouped" before saving. No graphics in Excel format will be accepted. Please try to use the same format for all figures (width of 17, 12.7 or 8.2 cm). Do not mention the figure number on the figure. Do not group the figures but provide one file for each figure and table.

9.2.3. Running title (top of each page)

In case the title of the paper is longer than 70 characters including space, the authors should provide an abbreviated title.

10. Proof

A proof will be provided, but author's corrections will be limited.

11. References

The journal names have to be written in full.

If a reference has a doi, this one should be added in URL format. These persistent links can be obtained on the Crossref website (   

The range of pages is separated by an en dash (e.g., 90–120), not by a hyphen.

Follow scrupulously the examples below and DO NOT leave a blank line between each reference:

Mayr, G. & Smith, Th. 2019. New Paleocene bird fossils from the North Sea Basin in Belgium and France. Geologica Belgica, 22/1-2, 35–46.

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Zonneveld, J., 1957. River terraces and Quaternary Chronology in the Netherlands. Geologie en Mijnbouw, 19, 277–285.

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Dupont, M., 1991. Les crues de la Meuse. In Durand, J. (éd.), Traité d'hydrographie. VSP International, Amsterdam, 23–35.

Barchy, L. & Marion, J.-M., 2000. Carte géologique de Wallonie : Dalhem – Herve 42/3-4. 1/25 000. Ministère de la Région wallonne, Direction générale des ressources naturelles et de l’environnement, Namur, avec une notice explicative de 71 p.

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Vandenberghe, N. & Gullentops, F., 2001. Toelichtingen bij de geologische kaart van België, Vlaams Gewest: kaartblad 32, Leuven [1/50 000]. Belgische Geologische Dienst en Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Afdeling Natuurlijke Rijkdommen en Energie, Brussel, 77 p.

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De Moor, G. 2000. Toelichting bij de Quartairgeologische kaart [van België, Vlaams Gewest]: kaartblad 22, Gent. [1/50 000]. Vlaamse Overheid, Dienst Natuurlijke Rijkdommen, Brussel, 65 p.

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12. Dates

The last line of the references should be:

Manuscript received XX.XX.202X, accepted in revised form XX.XX.202X, available on line XX.XX.202X.

13. Supplementary material

Electronic supplementary material can be added to the online version.