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(volume 7 (2004) — number 1-2)
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1Structure and dynamics of mud volcanoes on the Moroccan continental margin


3Renard Centre of Marine Geology, Ghent University, Krijgslaan 281, B-9000 Ghent; e-mail:

4Study of the petrographical and technical characteristics of the slates from the quarry Riomanzanas (Zamora, Spain)

5Rozelien DE TAEYE

6Universiteit Gent; e-mail:

7Petrographical and petrophysical reservoir characterization of Upper Cretaceous to Eocene platform margin carbonates of the Ionian Basin (Kremenara: Central-Albania)


9KUniversiteit Leuven, Fysico-chemische geologie, Celestijnenlaan 200 C, 3001 Heverlee. E-mail:

10The karst-tectonics relationship. Brittle tectonics analysis and mechanical aspects of four limestone massifs in Han-sur-Lesse region.

11Cécile HAVRON

12Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Service de Géologie Fondamentale et Appliquée, 9, rue de Houdain, 7000 Mons,  Belgique

13Palaeogeographical reconstruction of the Iizervalley throughout the Holocene in the vicinity of Diksmuide (western part of the coastal plain of Belgium)

14Lisbeth MARIËN

15Deparment of Geography, Vrije Universiteit, Brussel, Pleinlaan 2 1050 Brussels

16In situ remediation of groundwater with permeable reactive barriers: groundwater modelling and geochemical transport simulations for groundwater contaminated with chlorinated compounds

17Gilles MERTENS, KUniversiteit Leuven

18Sediment transport in the river Scheldt basin: a contribution to the optimalisation of the measuring network and to the preparation of the modeling of transport


20Ghent University, Department of Geology and Soil Science, Sedimentary geology and Engineering geology Unit, Krijgslaan 281/S8, B-9000 Gent, Belgium; e-mail:

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