Geologica Belgica

1374-8505 2034-1954


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Suzanne A.G. LEROY, Françoise CHALIÉ, Frank P. WESSELINGH, Mohammad Saeed SANJANI, Hamid A.K. LAHIJANI, John ATHERSUCH, Ulrich STRUCK, Gill PLUNKETT, Paula J. REIMER, Parisa HABIBI, Keivan KABIRI, Safiyeh HAGHANI, Abdolmajid NADERI BENI & Klaus ARPE
Multi-proxy indicators in a Pontocaspian system: a depth transect of surface sediment in the SE Caspian Sea
Volume 21 (2018)number 3-4
Frank P. WESSELINGH, Freek S. BUSSCHERS & Stijn Goolaerts
Observations on the Pliocene sediments exposed at Antwerp International Airport (northern Belgium) constrain the stratigraphic position of the Broechem fauna
Volume 23 (2020)number 3-4 - The Neogene stratigraphy of northern Belgium

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