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Revision of the Frasnian marine deposits from the Booischot borehole (Campine Basin, Belgium)

(volume 17 (2014) — number 3-4)
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Above Givetian and Frasnian continental deposits, the Upper Frasnian transgression starts in the Booischot borehole, within the Aisemont Formation which is represented by its middle shaly part and its upper limestone level containing Frechastraea limitata (Milne-Edwards & Haime, 1851) and Phillipsastrea ananas (Goldfuss, 1826). In the Heibaart borehole also situated in the Campine Basin, the Silurian basement is capped by a few metres of the Middle Frasnian Huccorgne Formation where have been observed Thecostegites bouchardi (Michelin, 1846), Stachyodes and a very small remain of a massive cerioid rugose coral. Then, the Aisemont Formation seems to be completely developed. At its top, a mineralization of sulphides is similar to that of Chaudfontaine, in the same lithostratigraphic context. Additionally, Frechastraea pentagona (Goldfuss, 1826) is present in the Heibaart borehole, at the base of the shaly sequence overlying the Aisemont Formation in the two investigated wells. The Frasnian marine deposits of the Booischot and Heibaart boreholes are related to those of the Soumagne and Bolland boreholes at the southeastern border of the Brabant Massif. But, they are very different from those of the unstable area of Visé located at the eastern end of the same structural unit.

Keywords : Campine Basin, Frasnian, rugose and tabulate corals, stratigraphy

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