Geologica Belgica

1374-8505 2034-1954


Impact factor: 0.857 (2021)


Frédéric BOULVAIN, Isabelle BELANGER, Dominique DELSATE, Danièle DOSQUET, Pierre GHYSEL, Pascal GODEFROIT, Martin LALOUX, Marc ROCHE, Hervé TEERLYNCK & Jacques THOREZ
New lithostratigraphical, sedimentological, mineralogical and palaeontological data on the Mesozoic of Belgian Lorraine: a progress report
volume 3 (2000)number 1-2
Christian J. NYHUIS, Daniel RIPPEN & Julien DENAYER
Facies characterization of organic-rich mudstones from the Chokier Formation (lower Namurian), south Belgium
volume 17 (2014)number 3-4

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