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Phillipsastreids and Ptenophyllids (Rugosa) from the Givetian of Mauritania and Northwestern Spain

(volume 16 (2013))
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Mots-clés : stratigraphy, Givetian, taxonomy, Gondwana., Rugose corals


Acanthophyllum trompetti n. sp., Phillipsastrea hollardi Coen-Aubert, 2002, P. cf. hollardi and P. givetica (Ivania in Zheltonogova & Ivania, 1960) occur in the Upper Givetian of the Mauritanian Adrar. P. torreana (Milne-Edwards & Haime, 1851), P. kergarvanensis Coen-Aubert & Plusquellec, 2007 and P. sobolewi (Rozkowska, 1956) have been identified in the Givetian of the Zemmour, also in Mauritania. Some of these species such as P. givetica and P. torreana are present in the Middle to Upper Givetian of Northwestern Spain together with P. weyeri Coen-Aubert, 2002 and Scruttonia sotoi n. sp. The specific name Phillipsastrea givetica is used herein for the Givetian colonies of Northwestern Spain which were previously assigned to P. pradoana (Haime in De Verneuil & Barrande, 1855). The investigated fauna is compared to that of the Tafilalt and the Ma'der in Morocco. All these different areas belong to the northern margin of Gondwana. However, there are also affinities with the Givetian phillipsastreids and ptenophyllids from Western and Eastern Europe and even with those from Western Siberia in Russia and Southern China.

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