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Maarten HAEST & Philippe MUCHEZ

Stratiform and vein-type deposits in the Pan-African Orogen in Central and Southern Africa: evidence for multiphase mineralisation

(volume 14 (2011) — number 1-2)
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Mots-clés : Central and Southern Africa, Neoproterozoic mineralisations, Pan-African Orogen, Stratiform Cu-Co ore deposits, Vein-type Zn-Cu-Pb-Ag deposits


Stratiform deposits in the Pan-African Orogen are of the Cu-Co type and are restricted to carbonates and siliciclastic sediments that are stratigraphically close above the basement. The stratiform Cu-Co deposits formed during early diagenesis (possibly around 820 Ma) and during late diagenesis/metamorphism and the Pan-African Orogeny (~580 to ~520 Ma). The early diagenetic Cu-Co sulphides were partly remobilised into the second stratabound Cu-Co mineralisation, with precipitation of Cu-Co sulphides in nodules, veins and as breccia cements.

Vein-type Cu-Pb-Zn mineralisation occurs at two distinct levels, higher in the stratigraphy. The lower level vein-type deposits occur in dolomite and are dominantly of the Zn-Cu type. The higher level vein-type deposits occur at the contact between dolomite and sandstone and are dominated by massive Cu. The Cu-dominated deposits that have been dated, developed during the waning stage of the Pan-African Orogeny (~530 to ~500 Ma). The Zn-dominated deposits for which a mineralisation age has been established, formed after the Pan-African Orogeny. Some of these vein-type mineralisation have been remobilised after their formation, with the precipitation of massive Cu(-Ag) sulphides.

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