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Results of renewed palaeobotanic dating of Late Carboniferous strata (NE Belgian Campine basin)

(volume 13 (2010) — number 1-2)
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Mots-clés : Campine basin., palaeobotany, discontinuities, Westphalian C, Westphalian D, Malvernian, Leonese


In this revision the Late Westphalian C and Westphalian D palaeobotanic subdivisions of Wagner (1966, 1979) Cleal (1997) and others were recognized and applied. Two diachronous discontinuities are demonstrated: an important one at the Westphalian C / D transition (the Symon unconformity) and one below the base of the Neeroeteren formation (the Neeroeteren unconformity). The Neeroeteren formation has a ‘middle’ to ‘late’ Late Westphalian D age. Within the earliest and latest realms of the Late Westphalian D other discontinuities are suspected as well; at the end of the ‘early’ Late Westphalian D and on top of the Neeroeteren formation. They were caused by intermitted pro- and retrograding and gradual northwardly shifting of (terminal) parts of alluvial fans. In the western and northwestern realms these fan deposits intermittently interfinger with limnic and floodplain sediments. Next to some initial Late Westphalian C sourcing from the north / northeast, local sediment supply during the Westphalian D predominantly came from eastern / southeastern areas. These fan sediments and accompanying discontinuities reflect the effects of the Late Malvernian (Late Westphalian C) and Leonese (Mid / Late Westphalian D) Variscan orogenic pulses. The palaeobotanic datings permitted correlations and comparisons with contemporaneous developments in the northeastern Netherlands.

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Henk W. J. VAN AMEROM & Peter C.H. VAN TONGEREN, «Results of renewed palaeobotanic dating of Late Carboniferous strata (NE Belgian Campine basin)», Geologica Belgica [En ligne], number 1-2, volume 13 (2010), 1-35 URL :

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