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SHORT NOTE: The Middle Devonian plant collections of Francois Stockmans reconsidered.

(volume 12 (2009) — number 1-2)
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Mots-clés : Belgium, KEY WORDS: Middle Devonian, Plants, Archaeopteridales


ABSTRACT. The Middle Devonian plant fossils described by Stockmans from Sart-Dame-Avelines and Feluy, Belgium in 1968 were briefly restudied. Of the 12 taxa described from Sart-Dame-Avelines as few as only four distinct ‘whole plants’ may be present, due to progress in understanding the reconstruction and intraspecific variability of Middle Devonian plants. The material from Feluy is more fragmentary, and only three taxa were confirmed. Nevertheless, the phytogeographical significance of the collection is important, as is the extensive material of the early archaeopteridalean progymnosperm Svalbardia. Study of this last material is likely to reveal significant new data about the evolution of the Progymnospermopsida at a time when they were competing with large cladoxylopsid trees like Wattieza, also found in Stockmans’ collection, to form early forest ecosystems.

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