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(volume 7 (2004) — number 3-4 - Proceedings of the 5th European Coal Conference)
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1As the traditional coal mining industry in Europe continues to decline, and the interest in coal bed methane is established, the main theme of the ECC5 conference was on the emerging opportunities for the potential to capture carbon dioxide in coal formations.

2Continuing concern over the global increase in carbon dioxide emissions, in which the traditional utilisation of coal plays a part, has lead to the investigation of coal and the legacy of coal mining activities as a CO2 reservoir. Work presented here covers the current R&D at both scales and the additional prospect of enhancing Coal Bed Methane (CBM) recovery as an added benefit.

3Further investigation of the CBM potential is also reviewed and the environmental effects of previous mining activity considered.Coal will continue to be a source of energy for many people and the final theme of the conference was the current work being carried out related to in the mining and processing of coal.

4The papers and posters presented at ECC5, reproduced in this publication, show the continued importance of research into coal geology.

5ECC5 was organised on behalf of the European Coal Geology Group, an informal association, grown out of the Coal Group of the Geological Society of London. The aims of the European Coal Geology Group, as defined by the Coal Group, are to advance the understanding of coal geology, coal utilisation and the lifecycle of coal.

6Previous conferences were held in Leicester (UK) 1993, Prague (Czech Republic) 1995, Izmir (Turkey) 1997, Ustron (Poland) 2000.ECC5 was organised by the Geological Survey of Belgium and Geologica Belgica, and supported by the Funds for Scientific Research FWO-Vlaanderen and FNRS French Community.

7The Permanent Committee of the European Coal Conferences,

8Eran Nakoman, Dokuz-Eylül University, IzmirJiri Pesek, Charles University, Prague ; David Richardson, UK Coal Group ; Albin Zdanowski, Polish Geological Institute, Sosnoviec

Michiel Dusar


David Richardson

chairman UK Coal Group

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