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Frédéric HATERT

Données nouvelles sur la laumontite de la zone métamorphique de Libramont, Belgique

(volume 1 (1998))
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New mineralogical data on laumontite from the metamorphic zone of Libramont, Belgium. New laumontite occurrences have been discovered at Bertrix, Ochamp and Luchy, in the metamorphic zone of Bastogne-Libramont. Wet chemical analyses lead to compositions close to Ca[Al2Si4O12].4H2O, with a slightly variable water content and a significant amount of potassium (up to 0.76% K2O). Infrared spectra show an ordered distribution of tetrahedral Si and Al, and relatively low hydrogen bonds between zeolitic water and crystal freamework. Laumontite crystallized in rocks fractures, under a presure lower than 3 kbar and a temperature between 170 and 280°C. The presence of albite in quartz veins and of laumontite in rocks fissures indicates a different geochemical behaviour for Na and Ca during this retrometamorphic phase.

Keywords : zeolite, retrometamorphism, Libramont-Bertrix, Belgium, Ardenne, Bastogne

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