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Liliane VOYÉ

Le paysage. Une géographie du sentiment légitime.

(32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine)
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Index de mots-clés : culture, enfants, éthique, paysage


Landscapes are not realities as such; they are not designed by personal emotions. They are defined from the definition of values that a specific culture develops. In this sense, children's designs let see that nice landscapes are associated with natural, unconstructed and unspoiled spaces, excluding everything which is related to economy and rejecting an authoritarian planified organisation.

Index by keyword : children, culture, ethics, landscape

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Liliane VOYÉ, «Le paysage. Une géographie du sentiment légitime.», Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège [En ligne], 32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine, URL :

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