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Réflexions sur les caractères originaux des paysages agraires de l'Afrique tropicale

(32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine)
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Index de mots-clés : Afrique tropicale, évolution du paysage, paysage agraire africain


This paper describes the main characteristics of the low-inhabited countries with shifting cultivation : flu idity, precarity, scarcity of permanent lineaments. The originality and the meaning of the « park » landscapes in Sudanese countries of West Africa (trees among the  ields) are dealt with and also the threats on them which are resulting from the general population growth and the fuel needs of the city dwellers. The paper approaches the question of the impact of the ground rights (frequent lack of individual ownership). The last part is a survey of the main landscape transformations during this century.

Index by keyword : African rural and agrarian landscapes, making and evolution of the landscape, Tropical Africa

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Henri NICOLAÏ, «Réflexions sur les caractères originaux des paysages agraires de l'Afrique tropicale», Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège [En ligne], 32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine, URL :

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