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Etienne HELIN

Traces du paysage rural ancien sur le territoire de la ville de Liège

(32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine)
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Index de mots-clés : agriculture traditionnelle, confis de la ville, paysage


Nowadays, as before the Industrial Revolution, there is no sharp contrast between landscape and townscape. Liège's territory included not only the core of the City protected by mediaeval walls but also extended suburbds. Both types of neighbourhoods kept traces of traditional agricultural occupations. Woods, fields, meadows, vineyards are located. Various data are scrutinised: former place names, 19th cetury censuses dealing with agriculture and its manpower, cadastral maps. Origins and decay of such features are briefly surveyed.

Index by keyword : borders of cities, landscape, townscape, traditional agriculture

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Etienne HELIN, «Traces du paysage rural ancien sur le territoire de la ville de Liège», Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège [En ligne], 32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine, URL :

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