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Croisières maritimes et paysages marins

(32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine)
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Index de mots-clés : croisières maritimes, géographie du tourisme, paysages marins


Cruise shipping has increased dramatically in the last twenty years or so, and is a new frontier for tourism geography. In the first part of the paper, a few background facts are outlined, in order to introduce die analysis of the concept of seascapes carried forward in the second part. Two major types of such seascapes are identified, those in the high seas on the one hand, and those of the seashores seen from ship's deck on the other hand. In both cases, several sub-types are furthermore suggested, with a series of European or American examples.

Index by keyword : croise shipping, seascapes, tourism geography

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Jacques CHARLIER, «Croisières maritimes et paysages marins», Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège [En ligne], 32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine, URL :

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