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Hendrik KEERIS

Les zones rurales et l'aménagement du territoire en Belgique

(32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine)
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Index de mots-clés : aménagement du territoire, Belgique, Benelux, parcs nationaux, régions rurales


Until now a national or regional spatial vision is lacking in Belgium. The countryside is still threaten in North- and Central-Belgium and the rough draft of the environmental planning of Benelux indicates an economic priority. h is necessary to create national parks with an area of minimum 10.000 ha; it means rural regions with natural, cultural and historical values. Taking into account the possibilities of the border zones a transnational collaboration is necessary.

Index by keyword : Belgium, Benelux, environmental planning, national parks, rural regions

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Hendrik KEERIS, «Les zones rurales et l'aménagement du territoire en Belgique», Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège [En ligne], 32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine, URL :

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