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Michel DRAIN

L'Espagne manque-t-elle d'eau?

(32 (1996/1) - Recherches en Géographie Humaine)
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For four years, the drought that hit the southern part of the Mediterranean basin has highlighted a water shortage in Spain. Nevertheless, this country has major water resources and, today, its equipment rate represents about 50% of them. The agricultural sector which represents over 93% of its consumption is thus concerned rince a large part of the irrigated areas are economically left by the wayside. In spite of this, the question of expanding irrigated agriculture has not been debated within the setting up of a first draft of the  National Hydrological Project. Though a century old, the ideology of development through irrigation has not been up-dated and may well be a major obstacle to the definition of a new water supply policy.

Index de mots-clés : agriculture irriguée, Espagne, géographie rurale, hydrologie, sécheresse
Index by keyword : dryness, hydrology, irrigation, rural geography, Spain

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