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Une géographie pour qui ?

(52 (2009/1) - La géographie... ma géographie (hommage à B. Mérenne-Schoumaker))
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Like many others, Belgian radical human geographers first embraced the theoretical and quantitative revolution in geography to depart from traditional geographical practices. They then discovered that the positivist approach was unsuccessful in addressing problems of social justice. Radical geography has well developed since then in Belgium and has increased critical research and teaching in the universities. However, the current neoliberalisation of the academy is forcing geographers to work more and more for the sake of science itself and to compete for students, publications and research money. This new context hinders seriously the production of geographical knowledge for the sake of social justice.

Index by keyword : neoliberalism, qualitative analysis, radical geography, social justice, theoretical and quantitative revolution, university

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Christian KESTELOOT, «Une géographie pour qui ?», Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège [En ligne], 52 (2009/1) - La géographie... ma géographie (hommage à B. Mérenne-Schoumaker), URL : https://popups.ulg.ac.be/0770-7576/index.php?id=1318.

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