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Jacek Komenda & Rolf Sandström

Quantitative characterisation of weld simulated structures in duplex stainless steel SAF 2205

(Volume 14 (1995) — Number 1 - Stermat '94 - Sep. 1995)
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Microstructures of SAF 2205 type steel after weld simulation were investigated using the automatic image analysis system. Conventional etching produced weak contrast between phases. After modification of the colour etching method, a clear distinction between the austenite and ferrite phases was obtained. Microstructure was quantitatively characterised by the area fraction and the width of austenite at ferrite grain boundaries, also by mean free distance between the austenite islands distributed in the ferrite matrix. The measured structural parameters are related to Charpy-V impact energy data. In particular the width of the austenite islands located at the ferrite grain boundaries had a significant influence on the impact energy.

Keywords : image analysis, duplex stainless steels, impact energy, weld simulation

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Jacek Komenda & Rolf Sandström, «Quantitative characterisation of weld simulated structures in duplex stainless steel SAF 2205», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Number 1 - Stermat '94 - Sep. 1995, Volume 14 (1995), 29-34 URL :

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