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Elźbieta Kaczmarek

Quantification of three-dimensional vascular patterns in renal glomeruli

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A method is developed for quantitative characterization of 3D capillary networks. Volume data was obtained by stacking up confocal epifluorescent images of renal glomeruli with a Zeiss CLSM. To provide the 3D data set, a region of interest containing an entire glomerulus was extracted from the volume data. A reconstruction of a capillary network with nodes representing transversal profiles of capillary lumens is made by applying a node-branch model of 3D vascular patterns. This network is used to derive the connectivity of the 3D vascular structure and the length and number of capillaries.

Keywords : confocal microscopy, image processing, capillaries, glomerulus, 3D reconstruction

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Elźbieta Kaczmarek, «Quantification of three-dimensional vascular patterns in renal glomeruli», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 15 (1996), Number 2 - Applications of stereology in life sciences - July 1996, 147-152 URL :

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Department of Cellular Pathology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C. 20306-6000, USA