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Eric Dykes & Farhad Afshar

Computer generated three dimensional reconstructions from serial sections

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A computer program is described which utilizes the X,Y co-ordinates describing outlines traced from serial sections to produce three dimensional reconstructions of the original sectioned specimen. Examples of output from the program are given using data obtained from a stereotaxic atlas of the human brainstem and cerebellar nuclei. The production of stereo pairs allows three dimensional visualization, with or without hidden line removal, of any desired structure or structures making up the original specimen. There is the facility for viewing the reconstructed specimen from different directions.

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Eric Dykes & Farhad Afshar, «Computer generated three dimensional reconstructions from serial sections», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 1 (1982), Number 2 - Stereology 82 - Sheffield - Dec. 1982, 289-296 URL :

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