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Herbert Haug

The location and size distribution of neurons in the layered cortex

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The neurons of the human cerebral cortex were planimetrically estimated with a semiautomatic system (Videoplan). One measuring operation provides many parameters and shape factors. A new symmetry factor can discriminate between granular and pyramidal neurons. The influence of class-width on the distribution is described in a system with 12 classes. With a computer one can construct artificial cytoarchitectonic images which select various cells with respect to their types, sizes and shapes. The cortical neuronal density profiles depend on the thickness of the strata. Thin strata show noisy and thick ones levelled data. A thickness of 30 to 40 µm for the strata is recommended for the cerebral cortex.

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Herbert Haug, «The location and size distribution of neurons in the layered cortex», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 1 (1982), Number 2 - Stereology 82 - Sheffield - Dec. 1982, 259-267 URL :

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