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Heinz David

Quantitative characterisation of ageing hepatocytes

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Hepatocytes of rats of various ages were investigated morphometrically and qualitatively.

During the postnatal development and ageing

- the volume of hepatocytes increases from 5800 µm3 to about 10000 µm3 in 6 months and then decreases to 7300 µm3 (24th-27th months).

- the number of hepatocytes increases from 41.4 x 106 at birth to 1150 x 106 (6th month).

- the volume of hepatocyte nuclei increases from 410 µm3 at birth to 840 µm3 at the 12th month and decreases thereafter to 470 µm3 at the 27th month.

- the volume density of mitochondria decreases from 0.165 at birth to 0.128 at the 27th month.

- the number of mitochondria increases from 200 at birth to 2200 in the 6th month and decreases thereafter to 1520 at the 27th month.

- the volume of the average mitochondrion decreases from 3.83 µm3 (at birth) to 0.53 µm3 (27th month).

- the surface of the hepatocytes increases from 1900 µm2 to 2780 µm2.

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Heinz David, «Quantitative characterisation of ageing hepatocytes», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 2 (1983), Number 2 - Proceedings of the second symposium on morphometry in morphological diagnoses, september 7-9, 1983, Kuopio, Finland - Dec. 1983, 408-412 URL :

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