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Vittorio Pesce Delfino & Rosalia Ricco

Remarks on analytic morphometry in biology: procedure and software illustration

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This article deals with the problem of image processing of biological figures defined by closed or open curves and illustrates a computerized analytical method for describing the curve by a non-dimensional approach.

The valuable characteristics of the method (easy use, inexpensive programs, simple hardware, very exact results) are emphasized. The operations to which images are submitted, are also explained:

- The figure is digitized into a set of points with known coordinates.

- Upper degree polynomial equations are calculated with the least square method to obtain the best fit function curve available for direct comparison with the empirical curve.

- Fourier harmonic analysis is applied to characterize the set of the harmonics of the empirical scattered curve and the function curve. The values of sum of differences between the sets are calculated.

An Apple II Europlus computer is used. A mixed input system (TV camera and/or digitized table) is recommended. The software "SAM" (shape analytical morphometry), has been programmed by the authors.

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Vittorio Pesce Delfino & Rosalia Ricco, «Remarks on analytic morphometry in biology: procedure and software illustration», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 2 (1983), Number 2 - Proceedings of the second symposium on morphometry in morphological diagnoses, september 7-9, 1983, Kuopio, Finland - Dec. 1983, 458-468 URL :

Acerca de: Vittorio Pesce Delfino

Antropologia-Istituto di Zoologia e Anatomia, Comparata, Patologica Universita, 70124 Bari, Italy

Acerca de: Rosalia Ricco

Istituto di Anatomia e Istologia, Patologica Universita, 70124 Bari, Italy