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Jaakko Puittinen

One line (one dimension) image analysis

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Traditional pointcounting and linear intercept technics on one side and automatic image analysis on the other reflect the wide range of alternatives in morphometry. At the moment the memory and the speed of microcomputers are limiting factors in practical applications. This applies to two-dimensional analysis of tv-images. There is an area between pointcounting and image analysis applicable to microcomputer: analysis of one dimension. This method is theoretically equivalent with the others but has been too tedious for manual morphometry and is almost neglected in automatic image analysis. Increased memory and the use of 16-bit microcomputers offer further possibilities for modular programming in which test modules and statistical modules can instantly be reprogrammed to modify the type of analysis.

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Jaakko Puittinen, «One line (one dimension) image analysis», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 2 (1983), Number 2 - Proceedings of the second symposium on morphometry in morphological diagnoses, september 7-9, 1983, Kuopio, Finland - Dec. 1983, 329-333 URL :

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