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Frej Stenbäck

Applicability of morphometrical methods in clinical cytology

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The results from a study of the applicability and significance of different morphometrical parameters in estimates of malignancy in exfoliated cells and fine needle biopsies are presented. The most useful were the nucleo/cytoplasmic ratio and cellular and nuclear area. Similar patterns were seen in cell shape and short and long axis estimates. Form factors for cell irregularity, cellular angle and cellular diameter provided no useful information. Morphometrical analysis was able to determine degree of malignant potential of cells and to identify cells not classifiable by conventional methods as well as cell of origin.

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Frej Stenbäck, «Applicability of morphometrical methods in clinical cytology», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 2 (1983), Number 2 - Proceedings of the second symposium on morphometry in morphological diagnoses, september 7-9, 1983, Kuopio, Finland - Dec. 1983, 319-328 URL :

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