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Yrjö Collan

Stereology and morphometry in pathology: an introduction

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Experimental pathology has used the methods of stereology and morphometry and these methods have been valuable in that context. Diagnostic histopathology can also derive advantage from these methods. Stereology and morphometry are able to analyse the visual patterns of the microscopic image in any detail. Pattern recognition is an approach which usually deals with automatic instrumentation, and aims at recognition of patterns and features which we know are relevant for us. But also patterns of thinking are important in the diagnostic context. These thinking patterns lead to diagnosis. Stereology and morphometry offer a good background for diagnostic decision-making, and at the University of Kuopio stereology, morphometry and decision-making are jointly studied during the pathology course for medical students.

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Yrjö Collan, «Stereology and morphometry in pathology: an introduction», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 2 (1983), Number 2 - Proceedings of the second symposium on morphometry in morphological diagnoses, september 7-9, 1983, Kuopio, Finland - Dec. 1983, 207-213 URL :

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