Acta Stereologica Acta Stereologica -  Volume 2 (1983)  Number 1 - Apr. 1983 

Stereological properties op powders and sintered alloys

Kirill S. Cherniavsky
Institute for Hard Alloys, Moscow, USSR


Various stereological properties are discussed according to their applicability for studying and testing the structure of powders and sintered materials including cemented carbides. Those properties should satisfy requirements to describe adequately the spatial structure or to be its steady estimate, to be representative relative to bulk material, to be compatible when different structural states are compared. Qualitative and numerical models are considered which are most applicable to identify the structure for quality testing purposes. Practical examples are given to demonstrate the application of stereological parameters for studying the structure of powder and cemented carbides and for establishing the correlation between the structure of alloys and their strength.

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