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Robert T. DeHoff

Signed line intercept count

(Volume 3 (1984) — Number 1 - May 1984)
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Elements of surfaces that bound a phase (β) in a two phase mixture (α+β) may be classified as:

a. convex (++) if both principle curvatures are positive;

b. concave (--) if both are negative; and

c. saddle (+-) if one is positive and the other negative.

The traces of these surfaces that form the boundaries of the areas on a representative two dimensional section may also be:

a. convex (+) if the local curvature is positive; or

b. concave (-) if it is negative.

Line intercept counts may be tabulated separately for sections with convex (PL+) and concave (PL-) segments of boundary. This paper presents a derivation of fundamental stereological formulae that relate these counting measurements to three dimensional geometric properties of the structure they sample.

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