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Francis Maisonneuve & Christian Lantuejoul

Geodesic convexity

(Volume 3 (1984) — Number 2 - Dec. 1984)
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This paper is a resumption of the paper entitled: "On the use of the geodesic metric in image analysis" which was presented by Ch. Lantuéjoul and S. Beucher at the 5th I.S.S. Congress. We recall several features that can be intrinsically defined on 2-D Euclidean subsets (length, geodesic radius). These features satisfy isoperimetric inequalities in the case where the subsets under study are simply connected. As an application, a metallographic case study is presented.

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Francis Maisonneuve & Christian Lantuejoul, «Geodesic convexity», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 3 (1984), Number 2 - Dec. 1984, 169-174 URL :

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Ecole des Mines de Paris, 60 Bd St-Michel, Paris, France

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Centre de Géostatistique et de Morphologie Mathématique, 35 rue St-Honoré, 77305 Fontainebleau, France