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Vagn Bonnevie-Nielsen & Lene Theil Skovgaard

Morphological quantitation by perfusion staining of the endocrine mouse pancreas

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The endocrine mouse pancreas was visualized by perfusion staining the islets of Langerhans with the zinc-chelating agent dithizone. Morphological quantitation of the projected images showed a strong correlation between islet area, body weight, insulin secretion and pancreatic insulin content. The size distribution i.e. islet area and volume was best fitted to a power-generalized inverse Gaussian distribution.

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Vagn Bonnevie-Nielsen & Lene Theil Skovgaard, «Morphological quantitation by perfusion staining of the endocrine mouse pancreas», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 3 (1984), Number 1 - May 1984, 67-70 URL :

A propos de : Vagn Bonnevie-Nielsen

Department of Clinical Chemistry, Hvidovre Hospital, DK-2650, Denmark

A propos de : Lene Theil Skovgaard

Hagedorn Laboratory, DK-2820, Denmark and The Danish and Social Science Research Council, Copenhagen, Denmark