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Viktor Beneš, Joël Chadoeuf & Joachim Ohser

Anisotropic stereology of fibres and surfaces

(Volume 15 (1996) — Number 1 - Mathematical foundations of stereology - Feb. 1996)
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The paper is devoted to the stereological estimation of length and surface area in anisotropic structures. Statistical properties of various estimators are investigated. The relation between estimators based on projections and intersections is studied. Finally an implementation of some estimators in image analysis is described. The paper is partly a review of recent results and is presented in a condensed way. The details including mathematical proofs can be found in the referenced papers.

Keywords : anisotropic fibres and surfaces, intensity estimation, projection measure, variance

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Viktor Beneš, Joël Chadoeuf & Joachim Ohser, «Anisotropic stereology of fibres and surfaces», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 15 (1996), Number 1 - Mathematical foundations of stereology - Feb. 1996, 3-8 URL :

A propos de : Viktor Beneš

Dept. of Mathematics FSI, Czech Technical University, Karlovo nám.13, 12135 Prague 2, Czech Republic

A propos de : Joël Chadoeuf

Biométrie, INRA, Domaine St Paul,  BP 91, 84140 Montfavet, France

A propos de : Joachim Ohser

Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy, Technical University of Mining and Technology, D-09596 Freiberg, Germany