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Siegfried Eins

Curvature of lines in digitized images

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A shape descriptor has been developed for linear objects, which may be used to describe the deviation of a curved line from a straight one. The features required for this parameter are high invariance for orientation, translation, and scale, particularly in the discrete 2-dimensional space of digitized images. To that end, the impact of the single raster points of the image (pixels) on the computed shape parameter must be reduced. Only a robust but sensitive measurement of curvature can be successfully used to correlate this parameter with other properties belonging to linear objects. As a rule, commercially available image analyzers offer some formfactors, which do not accomplish this function well enough. A possible field of application is the study of cortical infolding (gyration) in relation to cytoarchitectonics in neuroanatomy.

Keywords : cerebral cortex, curvature, gyration, image analysis, linear objects, shape

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Siegfried Eins, «Curvature of lines in digitized images», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 9 (1990), Number 2 - Proceedings of the seventh workshop on quantitative image analysis - Freiburg 90 - Dec. 1990, 183-188 URL :

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