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Klaus J. Hagenlocher & Haymo Kurz

Magnetic resonance tomographs may be displayed and processed on a PC with VGA graphics

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Displaying and processing images from magnetic resonance tomography on high resolution VGA graphic boards is demonstrated to be cost-effective and versatile. Different image file formats may be read. The graphics output can be converted to standard video signals. The modular software structure is open to further enhancements, and has been recently adapted to the Windows 3 user surface on the PC. The solution is promising for demonstration and education in radiology and anatomy and resembles a possible terminal for image databases and networks, as required by PACS or IMACS.

Keywords : IMACS, image processing, MRT, PACS, VGA, video converter

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Klaus J. Hagenlocher & Haymo Kurz, «Magnetic resonance tomographs may be displayed and processed on a PC with VGA graphics», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 9 (1990), Number 2 - Proceedings of the seventh workshop on quantitative image analysis - Freiburg 90 - Dec. 1990, 169-174 URL :

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