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František Doležal

Evaluation of crack anisotropy in agricultural clay soils

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The test of Mardia (1976) was successfully used for the distinction of anisotropy of cracks in planar sections made through agricultural clay soils. Assuming a certain probability model for the directions of normals to cracks (modified von Mises distribution g(β) for cracks in planar sections, Dimroth-Watson distribution h(φ,ϑ) for cracks in space), the rose of the density of intersections with testing lines of different orientations can be derived (m(α) for planar sections, m(φ,∙ϑ) for space). This allows to estimate the parameters of g(β)or h(φ,ϑ)from the observed roses m(α) or m(φ,ϑ), respectively, as well as to assess the density of cracks in planar sections (LA) or in volume (SV). The procedures are illustrated by some examples of heavy clay soils in East Slovakia Lowland.

Keywords : anisotropy, planar sections, shrinkage cracks

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František Doležal, «Evaluation of crack anisotropy in agricultural clay soils», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 9 (1990), Number 1 - Proceedings of the fifth European congress for stereology - Part three - June 1990, 125-133 URL :

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