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Joëlle Riss, Sylvie Gentier & Deborah Hopkins

Shear behavior of rock joints: prediction of damaged areas

(Volume 17 (1998) — Number 3 - Dec. 1998)
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The roughness i.e. the morphology of rock joints is the dominant factor affecting mechanical behavior of rock masses (stability, fluid circulation, etc.), but unfortunately, an adequate and unique mathematical representation of roughness has not be yet established and remains a great challenge. Since a unique representation of the roughness seems to be very difficult this paper is an attempt to describe it keeping in mind the ultimate objective of our work: prediction of damaged areas. We have computed a grey level image from geostatistical 3D reconstruction of a natural fracture surface. Applying classical tools of mathematical morphology we analyse morphological features contributing to the roughness of the fracture. Then we try to link them with damaged areas occurring during sliding (mechanical deformation depending on applied normal stress and shear displacement) and we propose some criteria to predict these damaged areas.

Keywords : mathematical morphology, Fracture, Joint, Roughness

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Joëlle Riss, Sylvie Gentier & Deborah Hopkins, «Shear behavior of rock joints: prediction of damaged areas», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 17 (1998), Number 3 - Dec. 1998, 293-302 URL :

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